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NCE Sporting Events LLC proud to announce the product division NCE Sport 

NCE Sport the product division of NCE Sporting Events LLC will be working with helo goal Inc. as a preferred retailer of the GreenCourt product line. "Our partnership with helo goal Inc. in bringing the "mini pitch" concept to the US will reveal a international training essential to our youth players". Working with the highest quality product manufactured in Germany we not only feel the training aspect as well as the old time pick up methodology will benefit all skillsets within the great game...

Chris Brain-Principal NCE Sporting Events LLC

Our US based staff is lead by Chris Brain a former Pro Player who trains youth soccer within the state of New Jersey. He's positioned with network contacts all over the globe to seamlessly coordinate all aspects of our tournaments.

NCE Sporting Events has the experience in running large tournaments within the international scenario. NCE works with large associations within the country's soccer industry this leverage allows premier venues to become a part of players and families experience during our tournaments. One of the other components we offer is the cultural experience for participants as well, it's one of our main goals... ​

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