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"Make your own Space"

Experience a faster, more competitive match providing Players, Parents and Community to the most exciting mini-pitch encounter...NCE Sport is proud to present five Mini-Pitch manufacturers...

This concept has been used for soccer player development and the 5v5 a-side match within the international community for over 60 years! 

What is the "mini pitch"

  • Structure can be installed outdoors or indoors with a "boarded barrier to prevent the ball from leaving the playing area keeping the game constantly flowing".
  • Over 50,000 "mini pitch" structures installed in Europe
  • The "mini pitch" structure supports Soccer, Lacrosse, Flag Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Dodgeball amongst other US based sport programs resulting in a faster more intense, greater training and fun game!

Benefits from the "mini pitch" for Soccer players

  • Sharpens skills and reflexes with more touches on the ball
  • Confronts players with constant decision making resulting in improvements when playing on a larger or full sided field
  • Improves dealing with pressure on and off the ball in tighter spaces
  • Fast, free flowing action packed format perfect for all ages and skill sets
  • No time wasted chasing the ball out of bounds
  • More dribbling, more passing, more goals helping to develop confidence

Results of training on a "mini pitch"

  • Faster processing speed due to limited area
  • Improved touch created from smaller possession area
  • Stop the "North/South" habitual player movement
  • Player movement choices turn to diagonal
  • Players learn to "see" the pitch

Who is the "mini pitch" for

  • Travel/Recreation youth programs
  • Soccer/Lacrosse Academies
  • County/ Municipality organizations
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Companies/Corporations
  • Real Estate Developers
  • Schools
  • Sport Facility owners
  • League Organizers
  • Day Camps



Five-A-Side Arenas

 Experience a faster, more competitive match providing Players, Parents and Community to the most exciting mini pitch encounter from Manufactures Helo Sport, SRG and Hatko


Helo Sport Mini pitch sport arena
Helo Sport Mini pitch sport arena
SRG Mini pitch sport arena
Athletica Wall systems
SRG Mini pitch sport arena
SRG Mini pitch sport arena
Hatko Mini pitch sport arena

NCE Sport Mini Pitch highlights on NBCSN Premier League Live 

LA Experience!

Mini Pitch multi sport arena
Mini Pitch multi sport arena
Mini Pitch multi sport arena
Mini Pitch multi sport arena

NCE Sport has sold a mini pitch to the Wasserman Group which was shown on TV NBCSN on Premier League live which telecasted at the LA Experience in front of the LA Coliseum...Great moment for Premier League and NCE Sport!

If its good enough for Nike, Premier League and NBCSN your organization will love the high quality of our Mini Pitch Arenas to be enjoyed by your club and community...

Mini Pitch multi sport arena
Mini Pitch multi sport arena
Mini Pitch multi sport arena
Mini Pitch multi sport arena

GreenCourt Arena Pro-Traditional style arenas, high quality made in Germany!

  • Very rigid and weather-proof construction.
  • Long-term panel system set in concrete, staying at the same place.
  • Potentially of multifunctional solution (basketball, volleyball, etc.) and/or with more options (top net, LED lighting, etc.).
Mini Pitch multi sport arena

GreenCourt Arena Smart

  • Setup on a level and hard ground where the panel system can be anchored, it is possible to save foundation work costs.
  • The structure can be removed (max. 1-2 times per year) generally stays installed.
  • Rigid and weather-proof design.
Mini Pitch multi sport arena

GreenCourt Street Soccer Arena

  • This weather-proof panel system shall be installed and dissembled more frequently.
  • Installation and removal shall be quick and easy (without tools).
  • Used for temporary events, festivities, fairs, etc..
Mini Pitch multi sport arena

Hatko Cageball Mini-Pitch

Hatko is one of the largest international turf supplier's both FIFA and UEFA certified on all their product lines. Installed in 100 Countries, 4 continents with a total of 164 pitches within professional venues. Now Hatko is manufacturing high quality 5-A-Side Mini-Pitches with 40 installs in France, Turkey and the Netherlands. Contemporary style with a clean sleek look...These arena's are both permanent and semi-permanent.

Mini Pitch multi sport arena

Athletica Sport Systems

For a unobstructed view of the entire arena pitch the Infinity Series all glass window dasher board system creates a total difference visual user experience. Fully impact resistant to both individual as well as projectile.

SRG Pro Wall Mini Pitch

We are excited to include our partnership with SRG and the ProWall System which will allow organizations and Municipalities a high quality affordable portable or permanent solution to the 5 a-side experience...

Mini Pitch multi sport arena
Mini Pitch multi sport arena
Mini Pitch multi sport arena

Professional Installation

Our professional installers will prep out all locations whether its perfect ground conditions, needed excavation, turf installation or futsal surface.

Where can a "mini pitch arena structure be setup

Current grass/turf pitches

Futsal Surfaces

Tennis Courts (indoor/outdoor)

Basketball Courts (indoor/outdoor)

Street festivals, City Festivals

Recreational facilities

Social and Cultural venues

Company/Corporate premises, Courtyard venues

Housing communities

Open retail Mall space

Non-utilized parking lots

Warehouse space

How can the "mini pitch" product be used

Naturally as a development training solution- Clubs, Academies, Municipalities

Create leagues/tournaments using "mini pitch" for 5-A-Side- Existing Business, Entrepreneur

Pick-up games- Existing business, Entrepreneurs

Revenue stream for unused tennis/basketball courts- Municipalities, Schools

Occupy un-used retail space In Malls, Housing communities- Real Estate Developers

Professional presence around the globe!

Counting all four of the above manufacturers products which are being used within a professional venue, club or academy this would exceed 1000 installations. More than any other manufacturers product currently on the market!

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