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"Make Your Own Space"

Experience a faster, more competitive match providing Players, Parents and Community to the most exciting mini pitch encounter...

Introducing GreenCourt- "The premier mini pitch youth sport structure"

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NCE Sport is proud to present the GreenCourt product line...

This concept has been used for soccer player development and the 5v5 a-side match within the international community for over 60 years!

About NCE Sport

What is the GreenCourt"mini pitch"

  • Structure can be installed outdoors or indoors with a "boarded barrier to prevent the ball from leaving the playing area keeping the game constantly flowing".
  • Over 5000 "mini pitch" structures installed in Europe
  • The "mini pitch" structure supports Soccer, Lacrosse, Flag Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Dodgeball amongst other US based sport programs resulting in a faster more intense, greater training and fun game!

Benefits from the GreenCourt"mini pitch" for Soccer players 

  • Sharpens skills and reflexes with more touches on the ball
  • Confronts players with constant decision making resulting in improvements when playing on a larger or full sided field
  • Improves dealing with pressure on and off the ball in tighter spaces
  • Fast, free flowing action packed format perfect for all ages and skill sets
  • No time wasted chasing the ball out of bounds
  • More dribbling, more passing, more goals helping to develop confidence

Results of training on a GreenCourt "mini pitch" 

  • Faster processing speed due to limited area
  • Improved touch created from smaller possession area
  • Stop the "North/South" habitual player movement
  • Player movement choices turn to diagonal 
  • Players learn to "see" the pitch

Who is the GreenCourt "mini pitch" for 

  • Travel/Recreation youth programs
  • Soccer/Lacrosse Academies
  • County/ Municipality organizations
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Companies/Corporations
  • Schools
  • Sport Facility owners
  • League Organizers
  • Day Camps

GreenCourt Product Line

GreenCourt Stationary Arena Pro

  • Very rigid and weather-proof construction.
  • Long-term panel system set in concrete, staying at the same place.
  • Potentially of multifunctional solution (basketball, volleyball, etc.) and/or with more options (top net, LED lighting, etc.).

GreenCourt Arena Smart

  • Setup on a level and hard ground where the panel system can be anchored, it is possible to save foundation work costs.
  •  The structure can be removed (max. 1-2 times per year)  generally stays installed.
  •  Rigid and weather-proof design.

GreenCourt StreetSoccer Arena

  • This weather-proof panel system shall be installed and dissembled more frequently. 
  • Installation and removal shall be quick and easy (without tools).
  • Used for temporary events, festivities, fairs, etc..

Take a look at the GreenCourt Street and Arena Smart 

Street Smart 

Arena Smart

All product lines can be customized to your exact sport specifications! 

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